As a veterinarian, I understand the need for a well trained dog. After our family rescued a young pit bull cross, we found ourselves with a puppy who was high energy and ‘a handful’ (destructive, harassing our other adult dogs, and stubborn) and proved difficult for us to train in our busy household. We tried to do our own training and even had a trainer come to our home all with dismal results. Left with few options, we considered finding her a new home. We decided to give Sandman’s Training Services a try. Mike Sandman explained his methods and approach to training and we signed her up. Admittedly, I was a little skeptical about sending her off for the training. . After the first week, a visible change was noted in her behavior. Each week, we could see her becoming a well trained dog, one we could re-introduce to our family and enjoy. The staff was friendly, always helpful and truly loved the dogs. Mike’s follow up at home is invaluable, he truly wants us to be successful with our dog training. Mike and his are committed to helping families with their dog training problems. I recommend Sandman’s Training Services to my clients and colleagues; it’s well worth the cost.


Hello Michael,
Here are a few things to tell you about Magnum. He won’t let anyone near me without reacting. We have to be very careful who comes near me. Doesn’t really want to attack, but growls very deep, to tell them “stop.” He saved me, while on vacation. We were in the motor home and parked on the highway overlooking the ocean. My husband was out on the cliff taking pictures. I was sitting on the passenger seat and Magnum was laying by my feet. A truck pulled up by the coach and lined up with my door. They couldn’t see my husband on the cliff. They got out of the truck and started toward my door. Magnum raised up and took one look and immediately got back in their truck and left. I’m thinking they intended to rob me, until they heard Magnum. My husband is not afraid to leave me in the car alone if Magnum is in the backseat. When people come to our property, if Magnum doesn’t know them, he gets between them and me and pushes me back out of the way. We parked in Albertson’s parking lot, remember when I met you there. That man, looking homeless got a little to close to me when I was standing outside the car, Magnum was standing on his hind leg and became vicious and I had to really hold him. Then this morning, we stopped for breakfast and Buddy got out of the car and went inside for something to go and four homeless people were about 20 yards from the car and one of the guys started towards the car, probably to ask for money but 3/4’s of the way there he changed his mind. Magnum really reacted. Magnum automatically goes into protection mode when Buddy leaves my side either here or on the property, or in town.


I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation at the care that you give to my dog, Oliver, whenever I leave him at your “Camp.” A friend once told me that when she boards her dog, she always tells him he is going to “Camp.” I have found that this works like a charm with Oliver. Whenever I tell him he is going to “Camp,” he gets very excited and beats me out to the car. I have to think that this is because of all of the love a affection that he receives while he is in your care. I know that Ollie is a little spo…okay, he is a whole lot spoiled and can be a little over zealous at times, but no one ever groans when he pushes the door open five steps ahead of me. When I plan a trip, the last thing I have to worry about is what to do about Oliver. You are always accommodating and and ready for his arrival. He forgets about me the minute he hits your door. Even though he gives everyone a shower when you give him his bath, I have never heard any complaints. I want to thank you again for the special treatment you give my dog each time is goes to your “Camp!”

Orange, California

My dogs love Canine Care Castle! We have been taking our dogs Dustin & Cheyenne to the castle for 5 years now and we couldn’t be happier. The staff is fantastic and they really care about the dogs and their well being. It is nice to be able to call and everybody knows you by name. Like a home away from home! We highly recommend using this kennel if you are in need, you won’t regret it!

Santa Ana, California

Thank you again for taking care of our baby, Ginger. You guys take such great care of her whenever we need you, even on short notice. We love that she gets a bath while she is there so she comes home better than when we brought her.

Orange County California

My wife rescued a 10 month old female, out of control Pit Bull from the freeway. When she brought her home it was like a bull in a china cabinet. I put my foot down and was ready to get rid of her, the dog, not my wife. This is not what I wanted in my life. Then we were referred to Mike Sandman, what a difference. After 30 days we got back a completely different dog. She is calm and does everything I ask, the dog, not my wife. She is the greatest dog we have ever owned and I can’t say enough about Mike. We made several unannounced visits, and were happy to see spotless kennels, our dog out playing and came home to us, happy, healthy and clean! We own a small Hotel in Catalina Island, the El Terado Terrace and are very excited about taking our dog to our island home. Thanks Mike, you made us a very happy family.

Aliso Viejo California
July 30, 2004

I’ve been meaning to write this letter a week after Dino, our 8 month old; Black Labrador Retriever came back from his three week training with you. It has now been four weeks since we got him back and my wife and I are so happy that we place him in your care and to train him.

He was a wonderful dog from start, albeit somewhat destructive. But once we got him back after he had been trained by you, and cared for by your loving staff, it was very clear that you guys love the dogs as much as their owners, if not more. Your passion for what you do really beams through! You and your staff take pride in your work and deliver results.

I am so impressed with what you were able to achieve, that I refer you to people at the pet store, at Banfield Pet Hospital where I take my dogs, and to our neighbors. Dino has totally turned into a “wonder-dog.” He is obedient, very loving, and listens to our commands. We’re having a ball, literally!

Janette, Kathy, Sarah, and your entire staff are so courteous, understanding, and mindful of the dog owners’ needs. I can’t begin to tell you how much it meant to visit Dino the first time and see that he’s in good hands. It’s not easy parting with your dog for 3-4 weeks, but after my first visit I felt at ease that he’s being cared for, in good spirits, and having more fun than when he was home!

You’ve got a lifetime customer and you can bet I’ll recommend you to everyone who has a dog, whether their dog has been in training or not – you guys know what these animals feel and think! You are truly an amazing group of people!

Keep up the extraordinary work and please feel free to use me as a reference if you ever need to. Thank you!

Mike Sandman was a referral when my newly-adopted dog, Nikki, had a separation problem and her excessive barking was not tolerated in our retirement community.

Mike’s reassurance upon our first meeting, that this behavior should and could be corrected, persuaded me to send Nikki that same day to his training facility. My occasional visits to the kennel during her training, reinforced that my decision and choice of a trainer were good ones.

The follow-up training at my residence was great. I really liked how Nikki responded to her newly-learned commands, as well as my newly-learned confidence!

Again – the reassurance that I had chosen an excellent trainer, some 4 years ago, and the continuing assurance that Mike, his excellent and caring staff, are there for us!

Thank you Mike!